Welcome to J.B. Advani & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (JBA)

ESTABLISHED IN 1908, J.B. Advani & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (JBA) has grown from a small trading company, to become the promoter and holding company of the Ador Group. With core operations in engineering products and services, JBA have invested to take advantage of growing opportunities in both Indian and overseas markets.

JBA'S OBJECTIVE is to nurture businesses for select industrial segments, with the aim of attaining market leadership. With this goal in mind, the Group has expanded to attain a stronghold in core industrial and manufacturing sectors. They have also diversified into cosmetic products and green energy solutions.

THE GROUP'S STRONG ETHICAL AND SOCIAL PRACTICES are a source of pride for all stakeholders and ensure the highest levels of business excellence. Social causes are supported through the JBA Charitable Trust.

Our Group Companies